Mission to Kenya

After so many years of confusions of if I am ready for a mission trip, I decided to do my first mission trip to Kenya on 2017. It was a Mission trip organized by the church I go. I was not sure if I was a correct person to even go for this but somehow decided to apply for it.
I want to share my experience of my first mission trip and what did I gain out of it at the end as small parts for me to remember and if you enjoy reading it, have a great read… if not just don’t worry.
We had 4 team meetings to get to know about Kenya and also to get to know each other. First meeting in the church started with a prayer and we got introduced to Kenya and the basic culture we need to be aware of was explained.
Our trip was scheduled for 8/24/2017 to 09/06/2017.
There came 08/24 and there also came Hurricane warning to Houston where all from our team live. The Hurricane was supposed to hit Houston in 3 days which was supposed to be 27th.
My first mission trip with a heavy heart left to airport hoping the hurricane does not affect Houston as we are not new to Hurricane.
We all met at the church then drove to the airport and still my heart had this question “What am I doing?”. With no much answer checked in at the airport and followed the team to have a quick lunch before we boarded the flight. I see my team mates all of them with prior experience going on mission trips I was sitting there all confused with the same question running in my head “What am I doing?”
With 15 minutes to board the flight there comes a slight strong suggestions this time running in head – “Dude still not too late, just tell the team you are going to rest room and run away”. 15 Minutes there to board the plane and a chance to become a “Runaway Missionary” I finished eating my burger. Continued….


Managers and OCD

I always wonder if Managers end up suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It becomes a routine for a good manager to have the best around them to make sure the work or project they are involved the outcome to be the best. Keeping “perfection” as a routine from the time they wake up till they get home at one point ends up as a habit and normal behavior.

Now the question will be if a Manager with signs of OCD could be a perfect pick for a project? Sometimes it is hard to work for a perfectionist so the team formation might struggle but once formed I think it would be a good team.

Characters Influence

“Can personal character of a leader influence the way they could guide a Team or a Company or a State or a Country?”

A person who,

  • Gets offended very fast and reacts fast .
  • Stood by a person just to maintain her/his status in politics even though it was clear who this person was standing by did  a big mistake.
  • Makes up small stories to gain attention from people.
  • Is a “I-Person” doesn’t like to share his/her success credit with people who worked around.
  • Listens to all to decide.
  • Does not listen to anyone to decide.

Each of the above has a character inbuilt and will it affect their way they could lead?

Now the hard part would be what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in a leader?

“I” replacing “We”

A good leader is one who shares his/her success with his team and not take it to himself/ herself.

There is a point of time which would tempt a leader to use “I” instead of sharing the credit with the whole team who stood beside and took part in the ups and downs.

It is equally important on how a leader takes care of his/her team during the journey let it be the time of hardship or at the point of success.

“I” replacing “We” could affect the team work to an extent the members of the team might get dislocated or even in some case get lost as they feel not recognized.

“I” could make a leader himself/herself feel highly self confident sometimes that they start using it a lot.

  1. Is “I” better than “We”?
  2. Is an “I” leader worth anything without a strong team around?
  3. When and how often could a Leader use “I”?


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Man and his Design

I started attending a series on “Authentic Manhood” conducted at my son high school Fort-bend Christian Academy. Our first session kind of made a lot of sense to me as it explained some of the reason of our current behavior. Mostly due to behavioral transmission from Father to son then the son moving it to his own son- Generation after Generation.

  • Impact due to historic events like war or revolutionary movements.
  • Impact due to being looked up only as a Provider which reduced a father’s interaction with their son.
  • Impact due to being not present when a son need them due to their own habits.
  • Impact because of a mom’s major role which reduced the interaction between a father and son.

All of the above could end up in general disappointment while growing up leading to a confused men with no proper vision which leads them to drift to be away and escape from realty.

I am sure most of men go through the confusion on how to live a life as a Authentic Man and i hope this series created by http://www.authenticmanhood.com/ would help.

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Movie against Islam- Reactions by some good doctors

My Question: Totally agree it is insane and not good act to insult any religion. Why is it whole America brought into picture for a weird extremist group of people behavior? I don’t think this movie was produced by US government and it did not even get permission to even go in theater in US and this guys used youtube to release the movie. In what way America is involved in this? I am little confused. This guy who produced is a fraud and people behind are some religious extremists. Some idiots make a movie-> uses a free channel to take it live. Guy who did it will be hiding somewhere.

These are some great answers from my Muslim doctor friend.


Dr. Imthiaz: ” firstly RESPECT for ur commet secondly i am also now confused Dear Dinesh….coz i think google inc is from USA right !! then y r they not removing ….if so literate guys are concerned with other religious sentiments………also feel pity THE AMERICANS cant trace this guy…funny man….”

Dr. KV Imthiaz: “What the U.S.should do is take stern action against this gang; which it should have done immediately, before so much things would have happened.Freedom of speech is not a license to blasphemy.The movie has a lot of very very bad language + scenes which is unpardonable.It is made with a real motive to cause disturbance in the world at a time when the U.S.is going to the polls.This plot should be probed in detail and the guilty brought to book without delay so that atleast then the U.S.can show the Muslim World that they are really concerned about this matter.”

Dr. Aslam: “dear friends ! all are correct in their places and views.anyone who insults any other religion should be condemned ,as an individual only .it was really only Americans ( Christians ) who also made the great movie ”Message “. this movie highlighted and respected ISLAM thoroughly .likewise even some stupid brainless so called Muslims uttered bad views on ISLAM ( like salman rushdi ,khalida zia etc.)My vision is ‘i follow my religion as much as can ,and i respect all other religion and their followers ‘.so let all keep our relations intact and not let loose ears to loose and cheap works.it is said in Hindi..haathee chalei bazaar ..kutta bhonke..bow..bow…( elephant walks elegantly in the market ,and stray dogs bark ). I have close friends in all religions ..Hindus ,Christians , sikhs , .they all love me and i love them all .ALLAAH bless them all and me .aameeen !!”

Dr. Ramdas: “Lived in this country for a long time. And it is great to live here. Our forefathers wrote (“Invented”) a constitution that permits “Freedom of Expression!” Unfortunately they did not put limits! Long Long ago few crazies invented Religions! Unfortunately These Old Geasers did not know the meaning of TOLERENCE! American Constitution will never change even though there is room for adaption to the Norms of 2012! So is religions of Masses. Sad to see fanatic wings of Religions gives the whole religion a black Eye. I am not at all religious & strongly feel Religion was invented to divide people! Last part is a sort of Confession!”

Dr. George: “Religion was invented to create fear & control prople. also it tries to answer some questions like what is after life(i mean after death!)?Think about it: when we were living in the caves,we did not understand rain,thunder,eclipses etc;we attributed them as divine forces or god; when humanity became little bit more sophesticated there came a particular sect of people who claimed they can interpret the heavenly things, or even talking to god. we call them with many names preists,prophets,messaih,avatars etc. Believes do not have any rationals; for ex, If I am born & brought up in a chriatian family I beleive jesus is god;but if somebedy kidnapped me from the labour ward & if i was brought up in muslim family i would beleive allah is the god. so what i beleive is not upto me. But as an adult now, what i beleive is upto me provided I think rationally without any prejudice or bias.”

PN: This is not a blog to hurt anyone feeling so any response hurting either side will be removed. Certain persons or groups action cannot be held responsible on a country.

United Airlines- My frustrating experience

After a long time I decided to use the miles I had with Continental airlines now called as United airlines. Price not competitive but I had to use the miles so ended up buying the ticket.

Frustration started with packing luggage as even the first bag checked in need to pay a fee of $25/bag. Once checked in and started boarding everyone had big bags to take it inside the craft so the next pressure of finding a space to keep the handbag started and everyone looked at each other as if enemies and even heard murmurs if the space above their seat is taken by someone else.

There came the snack cart which everyone looked for and the joke is all snacks priced $7 and above so the person who was seated next to me who thought it was free has to return it back after he came to know it is priced high and not a reasonable price even. Come on guys are you guys soo running in loss cant afford a cookie?

There comes another joke of an announcement- “This aircraft is equipped with Direct TV” everyone eagerly put their headphones to watch the TV…. Guess what… It stops working once the flight gets ready to take off and if want to watch more need to pay $7 or $5 depending on the duration of flight. The monitor doesn’t have “Power Off” button so we have to go through the abuse of seeing some odd advertisement if we don’t pay for direct tv.

I have some more suggestions for Continental airlines now called United to drain money from its travellers.

  1. They could put a credit card swiping machine to control the level the back rest of the seat could go and make some money.
  2. They could also put one more machine to control the rest room. Pay and use restrooms.
  3. Charge for the soft drink and water.
  4. Automated credit card payment for each time we press the button to call the hostess.
  5. Gadget usage fee to use any gadgets inside the flight.
  6. Lastly to get out of the flight a fee

Questions raised in my mind:

  • How far this airlines could drain money from the travelers?
  • Is this airlines suffering in revenue for them to hurt a travelers like this?
  • Is this airlines trying to help the people who are going through economy recession and job loss or trying to put more pressure to the people and use this suffering to hurt them more like a sadist?
  • Is this airlines creating more jobs for this country with all this money it makes?

Sad to see big companies like this guys abusing the people even after knowing the situation of the country and its people. Banks are already abusing their customers with bunch of fee and here another industry which abuses.