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New Bus in India Olivia


Transportation importance is really a must for India as people need to be able to commute and this kind of buses in India would help a lot. Do we have roads to take this bus? There comes Indian government in play– what is government going to do for this? It just reminds me of the 3 monkey statue “See no evil, Hear no evil and Talk no evil” would be our politician stand on this when it comes to Roads….

Can this buses last in Indian roads?

Politicians would suggest to remove the black window screen, replaced with a led flat screen with virtual image of Switzerland would be a great ride…..Travel in virtual world…..


One thought on “New Bus in India Olivia

  1. If we lay very good road… we will see more accidents…. Yesterday a guy banged my parked car…. He said don’t make a fuss, my car also damaged…. What a logic…. People need to be sensitive about others….. without this any development will lead to misery…. We need to go a long way….


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